The Path of WISDOM (Jnana Yoga)


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Who (or what) is Ariel?

Excerpts from the Book of Ariel's Wisdom

"The Art of Dying"
Eliminating the basis of all Fear

"Demons and the Egg of Joy"
You are NOT evil
Another Vision Given
Planet Waves from 9-11

The Quickening
Transformation of Earthly Matter into LIGHT

What "Heaven" feels like

The One and Only Essential Tool
The most Powerful Spiritual Weapon there is

The World Between Worlds
All Magic comes from "between" things

Mastering Miracles
Consciously Creating Circumstances

Magic Beads
The Metaphysics of the Traditional Rosary

Ariel's Qabalistic Tree of Life
Image for Meditation
w/Astrological, Enochian and Tarot Correspondences

Gems of Wisdom
One liners from the Library of Infinite Wisdom